Bloodthinners that calm the Vampyre

So the Scritch is gone, and I have made my peace. What IS/WAS the Blood thinner for this Vamp? Speaking again to the person who created the wound (who by the way did their best to make it worse) and letting them rant while calmly telling them that their anger is misplaced. I did nothing wrong, and certainly don’t deserve Your shouting, among many other things, and the said person hung up on me. BUT By forgiving them as much as possible, and Loving myself even more, and KNOWING that I truly did nothing to warrant the attack in the first place, I suddenly no longer felt overcome with anger, or frustration. I certainly didn’t feel completely at peace, but Today was defiantly a better day.

I got most of the rest of our Deck painted, and napped a bit. Spoke with 2 of my sisters and loved up all my rescue babies, of course none of them are babies anymore, but they will ALWAYS be my Babies. I didn’t get any Art done, I cant always art when I’m having those anger issues, and the B-12 shot is due, so I am more tired the last few days, as well as very irritable which I am not really sure where that came from.   I am Really excited for this week, I should get some Neo color 2’s on Wed. and Thu. we get our new mattress ! I am taking our bed apart tomorrow, and shampooing the carpet….I would LOVE to paint in there too, but I will settle for the new mattress!

I also have to wear glasses for the first time in my life, I have always had 20/20 while every other person in my family had to wear glasses, I feel blessed that I have always had good eyesight but sad that I have to now….I know it silly, but my ‘sunglasses” even hurt my nose….*sigh*  I will get over it!  So with all that This Insomniac is going to surf the web, looking for some spare inspiration out there in the big wide world, Y’all have a wonderful Monday, if your able to do that!  Here’s To Thinner Blood!

Vamp Out!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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