Hang On or Let Go………?

So If you have been reading my blog, you know that Dave and I got a new Mattress/Bed and that it is Queen Size instead of Full. We have had a full for the past 20 years, this is our fist Queen! (loving it). Our Head and foot boards are handed down by mt great grandmother, but are made for full size. I am not very sentimental and I “collect” craft supplies, so I am handing these to my baby sister, she has deep sentimental roots.  So how long do you keep something that is an heirloom? I dont care about saving things because they will be “worth” something someday,  but knowing that it could have been the four poster your Dad was born  on/with?  do you hang on or let go?    Personally, I think that my aunt is a hoarder, as she wont throw away even my grandma’s clothes, or grave flowers, or so many of the other things that mean something sentimental, But it can reach a point that is nonsensical.   I love the fact that you CAN see things that were truly used in medieval times but I dont think I would keep something in my home from that era…..

As I have gotten older I have found that I am “Letting Go” of many things in my life, I have let go of the “me” i thought I would be,  Of more and more “expectations”,  I have let go of the “feeling” of responsibility and or guilt for other peoples situations, I am realizing that there is very little that is as valuable as a shared moment of Love or Joy, I could in reality give up all I have for the ability to spend one more day with a loved one, if it were and option.  Life… The very thought of Life is a Miracle, a Joy, an Adventure!  What Heirlooms would YOU hang onto, and Why? What makes them so important?

Nope….The Vampyre must be on a Holiday, I have been sleeping  (almost) every night, and it feels good? but I am so used to insomnia.  So this may be my only post today, I am adding a photo at the end that I took with my new Mini camera! Its an OH MY WOW camera too! simply amazing, if you want to see it look up the Samsung WB250F, and there is even a you tube video review on it!  I promised a review on some classes I have taken,  so here we go. ( its a short list sort of!)

1. Draw Happy by Jane Davenport  —— I found this class AMAZING! it mad me see how simple it was to draw a face if you get out of your OWN way! My jaw dropped and I had to see it over and over…..I know now that I was trying WAY TOO hard to achieve perfection even knowing there IS no such thing! It was Well worth the money (I think it was $30).

2. I Heart Drawing by Jane Davenport ——–  A bit Pricey, but after taking Draw Happy I wanted  to take this one so much! and it is also well worth the money, the only downfall to Jane’s classes is that you cannot download any of her classes, even though you paid for them, This one teaches you how to draw the rest of the body, and the clothes to go with them!

3. The Whimsical Face Download by Jane Davenport sold by Interweave ——- Now THIS was GREAT! and I get to keep it! and Refer back to it when I need that refresher.  this one teaches faces the best of her classes, its much more detailed in my opinion. but it does only cover head/face yet in profile, 3/4 profile, and full front facing. Very low price considering.

4 Basic Doll Dreams by Ady Almanza ———-  LOVED this class! its very Whimsical Faces which is why I suppose they are called “dolls” but I fell In LOVE with the EYES!  I still haven’t taken any of her other classes, but she has a Inktense one coming up that I am wanting to take!

5 Lifebook 2013 by Tamara Laporte with many other teachers  ———  This is a year Long class with all downloadable pdf and videos, the updated classes are every Monday and it is a very healing experience as well as a fun Art Journey! it costs a bit, but there are sometimes payment plans or things that can be worked out with Tam. I HIGHLY recommend this class if you need a little bit of healing as well as inspiration for doing art Journaling.

OK, those are the first five, there are a few more i think, but I didn’t want this one to be toooooo long 😉  . Sooo I suppose that’s it for the day, unless something unexpected happens that i feel the need to holler about!

Later Gator’s!


Four Poster   Grandma’s Four Poster Bed!


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50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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5 Responses to Hang On or Let Go………?

  1. Wendy Juhl says:

    I’m not that sentimental about heirlooms. I collect art supplies and handmade gifts from my artsy craftsy friends. I would suggest giving it to a member of the family that will use it and appreciate it. What is Life Book like? I’m considering taking it next year. I’m glad you’ve been able to sleep more. Wendy

    • dhowell9000 says:

      I am really enjoying the processes and the videos, the healing and learning more about yourself is better than seeing a shrink as far as I’m concearned, I ma getting more out of this, I have now posted all of my work, not because I dont want to share, I have just has some crazies lately and havent gotton around to posting everything, but yeah, REALLY enjoying Lifebook!

  2. I’m not hugely sentimental, however I do like to collect things. I like to collect things that I can repurpose if they don’t have a use in repurposeville then I let them go. My sister has a hard time letting go, hence the four storage bldgs in her back yard that all started out as playhouses for her granddaughters and my advice to her was “If you haven’t used it let alone looked at it in the last six months then let it go. Lord knows that her children won’t want to mess with it later.
    I’m happy to hear that your loving your new bigger bed and sleeping better. Yeah for newer bigger beds.

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Funny you should say the part about Not using something…We had a company come in from Canada called 6 S (success) and there were 6 principles to learn and the first thing we had to do was take post it notes of 3 colors red yellow and green, green meant we use it every day, yellow was we use it but maybe only for holidays, or something special, and red was for we have not used it in over a year. then we had to get rid of every thing red and RE arrange the rest according to color green up front yellow put back or away. I adapted the same thing for my home so I wont hoard! and YES YAYYYY for that LOVELY “Big” Bed! I am Blessed for sure!

  3. melanie says:

    oh, i’m ridiculously sentimental….but i also am ruthless when it comes to clutter. i had a huge purge a couple of years ago before we moved and it was very freeing….i always ask myself – do i really need/want this or will someone else value it more? knowing (or at least thinking) that someone else will derive enjoyment out of an item, makes it easier to let go….

    great class reviews….i shall have to investigate a couple of those!


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