Midnight Milestones….

She shrugged off the feeling of guilt as if it were a wet sweater, it felt so good to be rid of the weight. No one could guess that something invisible could actually weigh so much, but she knew…..she had carried it around for so long it had “almost” become a permanent Illness.

Her new gait seemed so light, she looked at others around her to make sure she wasn’t floating, it sure felt that way.  As she glided through town she wondered just how far she could go now that she no longer carried so heavy a burden?  “I bet I can at LEAST reach the stars” !

A Cuppa   Have a Cuppa With me!


I almost didn’t post tonight, Almost! But here I am!   I am Still ready to post things every night, but sometimes….I feel like I run out of cool stuff, you know? I wanted to take my tiny camera with me when I went out today, but I dint have a case and didn’t want the lcd to get scratched….so today i bought a case, NO more excuses! What I saw today that I didn’t get to photograph were a large selection of ceramic pumpkins sitting outside our Kroger food store. I KNEW they were going to do that…. Halloween already? It isn’t even September yet!  But the Pumpkins were pretty cool, all sizes and shapes, and they all had  spots to put a light or candle. I will take photos if they are still there next time!

I have been trying to learn all that my windows 8 can do, its pretty amazing that they put Apps on a Desktop, there are still so many free ones, and then a bunch of cheap ones to boot! The photo above was done using a FREE app how cool yeah?  I NEED to do some art soon!! I cut up some ephemera to do some collage as that is what my art self is wanting at the moment,  and I purchased some paper doll ephemera on etsy that I can use. I cant wait to get started, Dave works a 12 hour shift tomorrow, so that’s probably when I will break out the art supplies. I don’t have any other real great stuff to share tonight, but I will be leaving some reviews on that new book soon, and if you want to see a Movie that is scary, see “The Conjuring”. If you want to see one that is Mysterious see “Now You See Me! ”  That’s all for tonight!!   LOOK WHAT WE FOUND ON A TREE!!   LOL!

PhotoFunia Wanted Regular 2013-08-17 12 31 18


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50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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