FAITH -N- Begorah! I Burnt the Chops!

Well….almost….they were slightly edible, and Dave, Bless his heart! will eat “almost” anything I put on his plate….if he goes for second helpings…I know it was good….If he scrapes the rest in the bin…..we know what that means, HA HA! He is such a supportive Husband! he said I should have put the Gnome on canvas, and he really likes my artwork, even the strange stuff!

So it is 2:23 am in my part of the world, I keep thinking that I would like to be a daytime person, the kind that gets up at 5 am all zippy and hyper….but I am pretty sure that is NEVER going to happen, the part I want the most I can have anyway which is coffee on the covered deck, as the sun is coming up, watching the birds wake and start the day with enthusiasm and song, And then I can take my happy ass to bed and sleep most of the daylight away. The only time this does not work is when I have appointments to attend. Such as this Tuesday, My Stress test. I am not looking forward to that, the last time I had it done was not very fun, and the cost was outrageous, but I have almost met all my out of pocket deductibles….so if I have to make payments…so be it. We have paid off all our credit cards anyway, so this is important and must be done.

I also have a birthday coming in a week, I have already been gifted, more than I expected, I got my new  Teeny camera, and I am loving it! I can post a photo as soon as I take it which tickles me! BUT it wont work unless there is WIFI but I don’t mind! I also got my Kitchen Table and “real” dining chairs, I have waited for 8 years for chairs….lol I am not complaining, we had folding chairs which is nice to be able to put away but get kinda hard after a bit. I want to get a glass top for the table, because I know if I don’t I will mess it up with my art! and trust me, I will! AND I got my new BED, my back is LOVING that Mattress, but it still cant take away the nerve compression sadly.

I did my walk today on the Treadmill, 1 mile in 20 min. The doctor said 30 min. a day, but I walked at 3.3 mph, so i figured that was brisker than usual and made up for the lost 10 min?  I know I can do better, and must start putting that first and foremost in my life, or I wont be “able” to do the rest. Tonight Was a more about me blog I guess, but I will do a funner one tomorrow! how about a TAG one? or a 10 Question one? maybe the ones who read this can ask me 10 questions?  Whatever it is will be zippier than tonight’s, I have to go and sue social security tomorrow, so my mind has been Skippy today! I am going out to breakfast in the morning, I will take pictures all day so you can go with me through the day!  See you all tomorrow gang! here is a photo of my Oliver Twist (orphan) when we rescued him from a Ditch, AND a photo of my collage to be.

Oliver when he was a mangey pupcollage to be


About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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2 Responses to FAITH -N- Begorah! I Burnt the Chops!

  1. aviv2762 says:

    It sounds like Dave is good people! And happy birthday. I have the same issue with my table. I found a sturdy but ratty one at a yard sale and plunked it down in my screened in porch. My issue is that my projects tend to get left on the table for days! LOL

  2. Wendy Juhl says:

    Hi, Dawn! I think going to the doctor is a stress test. I love the pictures you shared today. I would have eaten your pork chops. LOL! Oliver is so cute! Hugs! Wendy

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