Just A Quiet Day In The Life…..

Today was pretty quiet, I tried to stay on the couch most of the day. I was told to take the next 14 days easy, and not to push-pull- or lift 5 pounds plus….Do you know that almost everything is more than 5 pounds? And I used to think I didn’t do much all day, I take that back…..This is harder than I would have thought! But I have a Blue Ray Player that has wireless on it, so I can even watch You Tube on my Big TV! its pretty darn neat! I also watch Netflix, and they have many other things you can watch as well!   WOW! Technology is scary and amazing at the same time!

I started in a “Mail Art” group on Art Geeks, I think its pretty cool to send my art out the door as a big postcard! How neat it will be to receive a bunch and hang them all on a board together, Or to make them part of my art Journal in their own plastic protectors of course! I wouldn’t mind swapping a home made journal now and then either! Have you ever seen the ones Mary Anne Kensington makes?? they are pretty cool! she has them on you tube!  I make all my Art Journals, I just buy really big water color paper pads and cut them in half and bind them up, or I fold them in half and sew them. I like using the watercolor paper for its durability for any kind of media.

Today was my birthday, for me its just another day in my life. My husband and I don’t really “celebrate” any one day, for anything (meaning most celebrated holidays/special days)  We Just like spur of the moment stuff, It has really worked for us because most of the time we would not have the money on “that” given day or time and could not afford gifts…there were times we charged our kids Christmas stuff and boy did that get us in trouble….so now that they are grown, we Just get what we need or want when we need or want it, if we don’t have the cash we wait until we do. AND we never get in trouble for “forgetting” a special day.

I am really confused or disturbed? I really don’t know the right word to use, but I don’t go to “church”. I am a spiritual person….but I find it odd that every “religious” group like Catholic, Baptist, ECT… anyway there are some that say THIS is the only TRUE religion and “our” God is the “only” God……I really don’t get it….if they are “ALL” right…then “WHO” is wrong? I know…its a Who’s On First Query, But all the same….I don’t discuss religion with people mostly because I don’t want to argue what I personally believe. I once read that if you have to go door to door, or Try and convince others about what YOU believe, that you yourself don’t believe it enough.  Another thing….WHY are there so many different “religions” so to speak? why cant there just be ” I believe in something out there Bigger than me” ? It almost seem like a war of some sort to see who is better, Just like trying to look better than the next guy, or have nicer things….I just want to be happy. I think that most people WANT to be happy and cant find that happiness or something…..I really don’t know and don’t have the answers, and don’t argue about what any person believes, I CAN say that if you believe in “God” and that makes you “Happy”, then that is what is important for “YOU”. Don’t worry about what someone else thinks of that, it doesn’t matter, but at the same time, It like color or hair…If your favorite color is yellow, that does not mean that you have to try and make that MY favorite color, and if you think its wrong that I shave off all my hair, that is YOUR opinion….right? so why is what we believe spiritually any different? I really don’t need an answer, I just have one of those minds that cant sit still, and its like chaos in Here sometimes! I also think it would be awesome to take pictures with our eyes! so there ya go! how many times do you “MISS” that perfect picture! someone will invent something that works with that conception. mark my words.

So what was your day like? do have a streaming mind too? does one thought run into the next? do you often wonder how others DON’T have a mind like this? or do “you” have the quiet mind? Or perhaps you want to swap some mail art?

Mail Art

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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6 Responses to Just A Quiet Day In The Life…..

  1. Love this. I will have to go check out the mail art group in Art Geeks. I’m thinking I may want to do that. And your confusion about peoples religious believes is similar to mine. Only you were much braver then I am, posting it on your blog. Hope your day brings a smile to you 🙂

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Thanks Shirley! and YOU brought me a smile! You called me Brave! I am smiling right now, and happy that you came, and you read, and even replied! It makes me feel good to jot down all this stuff, and I don’t know why its easier to blog it than art journal it? I would love to have my art journals given to my grands and great grands, so they know a little about me, and with all the colors you cant help but keep turning the pages! If you think you want to but aren’t sure with the mail art, we can swap first if you want. all you do is get or make or however an empty envelope, or a postcard, or I myself make it like a card size watercolor paper, and just decorate it all over….nothing needed then but a stamp or 2! waaaa La!

  2. LYNETTE says:

    I love your crazy mind Dawn… I do have days like you. I am a gadget nut and I’m always saying “why doesn’t someone invent something to do this?” Oh and make it a pretty color! Religious confusion will be here long after we’re gone. Steve and I both were raised catholic so that was all we knew. In the last 4 years we have taken bible study and it has opened our eyes. Now when someone asks what religion are you we reply with “followers of Jesus…. We go to a missionary church… Not a religion, but a faith belief. Now you know more about me, I am learning more about you and really enjoying it. Feel better, we never know from one day to the next do we? ❤

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Thanks Lynette! My mind races like a car going 70 with no steering wheel! LOL! I am glad you love it! I know, right?! I wish I had the tools to invent things! we have Humming birds here, and I made some hanging humming bird trees and the actually used them all the time! but a patten costs 5 grand….JEEZ! I have no really ever “chose” a religion, but I do my best to be an honest and kind, friendly person, sometimes….I think how someone who “says” they are “religion” and they are really mean? that makes me happy to not be “that” religion, you know? Anyway, Yes! taking care of me! no worries! and thanks for posting Sweet Mama!

  3. Wendy Juhl says:

    Dawn, your post is so spot on. I think that since we both make handmade journals that we could maybe swap sometime. I’m busy until after the holiday season, but maybe we could do a handmade journal swap at the beginning of next year if you’re interested. Hugs! Wendy

    • dhowell9000 says:

      SWEET! OK, question….Do you want ME to decorate it on the covers, or do YOU want to? I am in either way, and I leave the Inside Blank but use 140 pound watercolor paper inside so you can use any media. One more thing….Spiral bound or rings? I know some folks like to take the pages out to work on them = rings. this way you get to choose!! 😉 Hugs! and Thanks for stopping by!! I will keep posting!

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