Why is the Sky Blue?

Do you remember being a child and having all those questions that parents get tired of hearing you ask, so one day you just stop asking, mostly because the answer was “it just is” or “I don’t know” or a “shush” , You know the drill.

There are so many questions, like why is the sky blue?  Why are there different KINDS of clouds?  Why cant I SEE God? What happens after someone is buried? Why does there have to be mosquito’s?  Why are people pregnant longer than cats and dogs?  Why ?  Most of us guess at some of the answers, or now that we are grown we know some things are scientifically explained, but what about the things no one has ever been able to answer?

Are there Aliens? if you think there are, do you think they live amongst us? or do they watch us from some unknown perch or alley? Do they look more like humans? are they US in the future and we have learned to time travel into the past to tell us how screwed up we are?  I have seen strange lights in the sky. Have you ever seen anything strange? If they do exist, and they have been around….what do you think they want? Does the government know and keep it secret? maybe they do because it IS a future US! and they don’t want us to know about the time travel.   I mean…anyone can go on to explain where we came from, whether its from Adam and Eve, or Evolution, But NO-ONE can say where we are going in the future….right?

Is there a Bigfoot? Many people have claimed to have seen one….if there IS a big foot….is it human? or animal? or what? I have heard of a disease where you are covered with hair and it really does look strange, is big foot really an odd mutation of human? or is it some form of intelligent animal that we cant get face to face with?

Are there Mermaids and Mermen? I have heard stories from WAY back of sightings, and strange encounters. and there is so much about the sea that we don’t know, shoot, if I was some creature with any sense at all I wouldn’t want to let humans know I existed either, all they want to do is lock you up and disassemble you to find out how you are different….WHY? why does it matter what they are made of? Isn’t it just neat to know that they exist? What is really the point of taking “them” apart? I get it for humans, so they can learn to fix us or  replace parts, or make us well. (by the way NO ONE can SAVE your life, they can only prolong it…..You are still going to die….right? maybe just not till your OLD, but it still gonna happen)

Do you think someone is growing the dinosaurs again? I think so, or at least they are making something….I don’t know what, but a scientist with Dino DNA? come on…..You KNOW they want to play with it….with all the possibilities! If anyone reading this blog is sure that none of these things exist….why? how? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to argue the possibilities, but would like to expand my knowledge, and hear all things possible or maybe not. In my opinion? I will stick with the saying “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. Look at what a miracle WE are!! How then could we be so ignorant to think we are the ONLY intelligent beings “ever”? have you ever heard of a human with a tail? I have…..it has happened….its called mutation.  Oh and I think things Mutate when they need to adapt to new environments as well, Like if we didn’t have gravity we would all be much taller…..hmmmmm…… Are there questions that YOU still have that have no answers yet? I Told you my mind was Chaos!

OH and my faeries go with me everywhere! 😉  Just so you know!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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