Can You Feel It?

    I was watching the X Factor last night, I wanted to post very much in the moment, but couldn’t tear myself away. I cant help but be so proud…I feel like I am the Mom/Sister/Daughter of each one of those people that cant believe everyone stands up and claps. They look so surprised….but some of them are SO GOOD! I know that its a reality show, but that pure emotion is NOT  fake, I’m sorry but it brings me to tears ever time I see one of them in shock or awe, and the young kids? Like…..OMG! where do those voices come from?  It’s like they are already stars, and they just showed up to give a performance! Can you FEEL that emotion? the Sincerity? The Passion? How can the young ones pull THAT out? are they old souls? wow…..Just….wow.

           On another totally different subject now, Scams. I received a phone call from “supposedly” Microsoft saying that there was something wrong with my computer and it was sending them error messages, and they wanted to take control of my computer and “fix” it. NO, of course I didn’t……not them, I called who I THOUGHT was Microsoft to report the scam, and I let THEM take over my computer….<———–STUPID! yeah, it wasn’t Microsoft either, even though they put Microsoft in their title they are really “TechGurus” and although they are just out to get your money…..I (hope) don’t think they did anything awful. but if my computer crashes now, I know enough about computers to install a new hard drive, IF I cant reformat the one I have. SO be warned…..BE CAREFUL! which goes back to who CAN you trust anymore!

      I sure am Flighty today! ANOTHER totally different subject!  A Fellow Blogger/Friend of mine Wrote a book on Zendoodling and it comes out this  Saturday! I cant wait to buy it! It is an E book so it is downloadable! Her name Is Zoe Ford and her blog is:   , Not only is she an awesome writer, but a great artist as well! I cant wait to learn even more from her book, I already Zendoodle here is an example of what I have done


And you can do so many wonderful applications of patterns….I no longer have these two, they have both found homes, but I have more in the process! And it actually DOES calm you! Proven fact! it can reduce blood pressure, and relax, take away anxiety! You have to try it to believe it! and the best part? you really don’t have to know how to draw, most of all doodlers, JUST doodle, and all kinds of wonderful happens!! Zoe’s Book is EXTREMELY affordable, 😉 at least for now, until she becomes famous! I am first in line for buying it! I cant wait till Saturday!

          Another great Place to be, is at Tamera Laporte’s! she is a very special lady, and many of my readers may already know of her. She runs a yearlong workshop with many teachers of Art, but the best part is the community, the healing, and what you learn about yourself while also learning how to heal raw feelings. Here is a link to her site and the class I mention is called Life Book 2013:

She has many other classes, and she is a wonderful Kind Spirited person!  There are many others I follow, and each one to me is special, all for different reasons, and all for the same reasons, we are all connected, all we need to do is find that thread, or link, or space that connects us to the greater good. and On that note I will finish for now, I will probably be posting again in the midnight hours, but until then….I hope You all enjoy your day, and remember….even if it seemed bad….someone else didn’t make it “through” the day, so It IS a GREAT day! yeah?! Until later!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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1 Response to Can You Feel It?

  1. Aww thank you Dawn!! ❤ I'm not sure my e-book will teach you anything new, you're already so good at zendoodling! But I'm very happy you bought it anyway and I'm so glad we became friends ❤

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