Pro Crastinator! ( SHE’S ALIIIIIIIVE!)

So Besides Being so very proud of everyone, and inspired by you all as well! I did not feel up to par the last couple of days, I also have been overwhelmed by my own crafty deadlines! I have Sisters coming and I am excited!  Also? pressed for time making them awesome crafted goodies! I also have a 20 x 48 Triptych to finish for my son that will go back with my youngest sister. I don’t like the clouds… is a photo, I need to know, make them go away, change them, or leave them alone?

Tonys painting

I also am adding a sailboat silhouette on the far right panel. each section should be able to hang alone or as a whole when I am done.

I cannot reveal my sisters stuff as they may read the blog and know, but I will tell you all about it! no worries! I will be gone from OCT. 9th and posting again on the 13th which is a Sunday.  I always set myself up to be overwhelmed! It does give me deadlines….but also anxiety! I don’t think I could do specific commissions well…..hmmmmm?

So I took ambien again last night, its been more than a week…almost two I think! and I slept VERY well, Thank You! It felt so nice! Now I have more to do so I cant continue, I will save this here and finish later this evening!

So that was day before yesterday, and I was in a bad ? what….Mood? way? I don’t even know what to call it…..I am going through menopause and no one ever said how awful it can really be. You don’t just have “HOT FLASHES” Your whole being starts changing….you get moody and anxious, and sad, and flip the other way, you have night sweats, you hold water like a balloon, you get mad easy, you forget things even easier, You want to cry sometimes….for no good reason…..Why doesn’t anyone tell you all of this? I am normally an insomniac but lately it has been worse, For many reasons my husband is worried about me, But I do believe all of this is just menopause, on top of all the Illnesses I DO have it just compounds things, and makes them “louder” . I could really understand why a husband would leave their wife even after 50 years of marriage, when one is going through this it really can be life changing, and there is no set time limit. You cant say this will last for 3 months and it will be done, every woman is different. And not EVERY woman will change as drastically, and some will be even worse.  All I can say is there should be some Major Warning information when you start to approach that time in your life so you both know what you might expect.

OK that is my rant for this post. I have accomplished some of the goodies for my sisters, I don’t know if THEY will like them, but I don’t buy, I make. so even if they don’t like, I had fun making! Speaking of Home Made items… me….these are the best gifts, you can buy the store stuff your damn self! I Put a piece of me into every single thing I make, You just cant buy that. and even if you are never famous, Its personal, the person who made it was using moments of their life to create it, and life? is priceless. you cant ever get those moments back. So think of it that way….and its better than getting a new Ipod! cause that has a price tag, and every one can buy it.

And I am so super good at Procrastinating……..I don’t know why…..I get really stuck sometimes….How DO you light that fire under your ass to get moving? I have been this way all my life….when it was two days before Christmas…THAT’s when I would go shopping……DUHHH, not a good idea, not to mention limited funds when you have 5 kids. But somehow we always managed, but I still haven’t changed in that area. I will Keep the blogging up to date until the 9th, and then will be gone until the 13th. When I come back I will have stories to tell and photos to share! and I can even talk about what I made for them! I will post again later tonight, for sure this time! I hope everyone is having a great day!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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3 Responses to Pro Crastinator! ( SHE’S ALIIIIIIIVE!)

  1. The clouds are too white. Add some more grey. At least that is what I think. But I just love it! Be sure to show us when you have the sailboat in. I was menopausal for years! Especially the hot flashes (called Power Surges) and night sweats part. For the hot flashes I started carrying a fan in my purse and would whip it out when they came on. I am 68 and they are long gone, but hated that period in my life! Well maybe hate is a bit strong, but you know what I mean.

  2. Wendy Juhl says:

    Hi, Dawn! As for your cloud dilemma, my suggestion would be to soften them up a bit by blending the edges into the background more. They’re a little big, so if you blended out the edges, they’d probably look better. I think the whole piece is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it finished. I understand you about the menopause thing. I’m 33 (I’ll be 34 in November) and I’m already in pre-menopause (and I have been for a little over a year now). My doctor is having me go through pre-menopause for the next 4-6 years and then she’ll make me actually go into menopause when I’m 38 or 40. My body doesn’t produce its own hormones, so I’ve had to take medicine to have a womanly cycle. I’ve been having hot flashes and all those nasty symptoms since I was 18. I feel for you. I hope you have an awesome sisters weekend.
    Hugs! Wendy

  3. dhowell9000 says:

    Thanks Shirley and Wendy for the advice on the clouds! I think I will paint over them, I think Wendy you may be right, they look big in the painting, thanks! I tried blending them in and adding more grey, but I just got more frustrated ! LOL! I hope that this Menopause thing is only short term, I would hate to think of being like this for a long time! thanks for the well wishes!!

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