A Walk In November.

I haven’t posted in a few days, but its OK, I needed the break. Not really “UN” eventful, but not extremely busy either. I have managed to keep up the house work and the laundry, still having some withdrawal but I think I missed my last dose and still doing OK…so maybe past the worst part? So I cut some stencils with my Craftwell Die Cut Machine, and the turned out pretty great! Here are two photos, one of the negative and one of some positive:

Stencil 1

stencil cut out part

I also designed a stencil from a photo I took at the Zoo , which is not quite fine tuned I need more bridges, but it came out pretty great!


Now…while the Craftwell IS pretty awesome, I have been dreaming of a Black Cat                    Cougar  (die cut machine)…..That was….Until….I saw “The Silver Bullet” *Swooning* And to make it worse My Dave said Yes……what do I do now? My left and right brain are really going at it and My creative child is *screaming “YES”!!! Its “ONLY” going to be $1075.00 dollars…….(HOLY SHIT) WHY? do you ask? It Can : engrave, emboss, cut a printed image in DETAIL, write, draw, and anything you can draw….you can cut, make stencils, make cards, make embossing FOLDERS for embossing machines……custom…..wow…..It can cut metal and chipboard, Oh My! and it has lifetime support. I seriously don’t know what to do, I think I can make it pay for itself…..but I will have to really get off my hiney. I have already listed my Craftwell for sale. OH Crikey…..HELP!

All of the same great features of the Black Cat™ Cougar plus!

  • Ultra High Force of 1250grms
  • Top speed of 800mm/sec
  • Laser Alignment
  • Newly developed motherboard and powerful new motor for even smoother, faster, quieter operation
  • 4 individually operated Pinch Wheels on every size of machine gives you the ultimate control with 2, 3, or 4 pinch wheels
  • Tried and Tested chassis as used in the Black Cat™ Cougar
  • Lid designed so all wires are safely hidden
  • Raised control panel for easier viewing and access
  • Repeat Function
  • Multi-pass function
  • New menu options for future accessories
  • Each machine has a custom mat the full width of the cutter
  • Includes Scal 3 Software at no extra charge that imports SVG files from Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw, and PSP
  • Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit, and Mac OS X
  • Flash Drive with manual ready to load and go
  • Personal after sales service for the life of your machine
  • Numerous other features

How can I go wrong?

ANYWAY….I went for a walk with all three dogs today, It was not horrible the way one would Imagine, I AM the pack leader and they know it, But Boo kept wanting to wander, and HE could pull a Horse Cart!! YEASH! but when we were almost finished he stopped wanting to pull and was pretty wore out, and so was I! 😉 but it was still something we needed to start back into, they all need some socialization. The did meetand greet a little shih tzu that roams the neighborhood, and they remained pretty friendly all wanting to play, no aggression, which is GREAT! but I know ADT does not like strange people very much. Boo loves EVERYONE and Oliver just doesn’t like small kids, they move too fast for him and he gets anxious. They all are OK with our cats, but when Max brings home live mice and rats ADT and Boo WILL/and HAVE killed them, along with shrews and rabbits. The evening was spent on video chat with my Grand Babies watching a movie with them, we decided to do it again next Friday as well! Sometimes Technology is nice….*sigh* My Grand son said that it would be nice if the Tablet was a portal and we could go through it to visit! He is so CUTE! he is 7, and he would NEVER say thirsty….he is PARCHED….seriously? and yes he uses ALL the big words, but his best subject? Math! He could solve math word problems when he was four!

My hand is now cramping, so I will call it a night, I hope everyone has a GRAND weekend! Stay warm and think Happy Thoughts!!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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2 Responses to A Walk In November.

  1. fluffyash says:

    Great stencils and what a nice hubby to say go for the best new machine!

    Sent from my iPhone

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