Where Were You??

Yes, I have been absent a few days, I received  my Silver Bullet!   O_O    Now I have to learn to USE it. NOT for the Impatient at heart! I will Not however be doing a giveaway for my Craftwell, As I actually sold it pretty fast! AND that was my very first Etsy store sale! I was pretty excited! ALSO I sold My Scroll saw On Craigslist, I am already paying for my bullet!!!!

There are some REAL learning curves with any machine, They are just that, machines. WE as operators Run them. You cant just set it up and say “cut me a rabbit out of a hat!” There is Magic in the machine but it take Patients to make it happen!!

I remember our first computer, It did not have a hard drive, You stored your information on a “floppy” disc, and if I remember right it only held 1.5 MB of information. Some songs are bigger than that! There was no “Windows” It was just a black screen, kind of like a typewriter on a screen.  You could make games….my little brother started making games…HOW he knew what squiggle to put with what letter with what number? I will never know, but he did it! Me? I typed  “Hello?” more than once…….and when it didn’t answer I got very upset….I had no clue…OK?  It IS very funny looking back, ie: Learning Curve!

So I Brought My mom Over, fixed her Ipad, got her account situated, and we visited for about 4 days, Before taking her back her home, THEN I got to work on my Silver Bullet. The First thing I cut? Vinyl! Wall Vinyl!  LOOK!

Birds in Vinyl

I Cut out Birds!!   It took many tries before I got the Pressure right, But I Love the outcome!! Next? Well, The Silver Bullet will do print and cut from the software….you open the item, print it on your printer with registration marks, then it will detail cut whatever you print! Getting your “Print and Cut” Calibrated? ( UGHHHHHH!!) So after about 6 hours, I moved on to just cutting something…..right? LOL! First? WHAT a MESS ——->


It would NOT Cut a nice line….Like REALLY?? then ….hmmmmm. OH DUHHHHH! I changed the blade….I was using a 45 blade = Vinyl, I switched to a 60 blade! = 110lb Card stock  and WHAT a DIFFERENCE!! ———->


Ok, so now I need to start making all kinds on goodies for my etsy store! Any requests? http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtFromDaHeart

As Soon as I can Calibrate my print and cut I will be getting Printable Shrink Plastic. I can take a photo of  YOUR Pet and turn it into a charm for your Key chain! OR your grand kids or kids, or  favorite quote, animal ect! How cool! right? I think many people would like to have photos of their pet right on their key chain! I still have so much to do, I also make homemade scrap books, and Art Journals. I have to really buckle down! I need INVENTORY!

BUT I will always find time to stop in almost Every day! I need to improve my Site here as well,  Just one more thing I get to Learn!

That’s all for Now…I hope everyone is staying warm!

Prayers out to the Philippine Typhoon victims, May their Hardships be Healed!



About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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