WAIT……Dont Leave US!

Fact? I am a decent person. For that reason I will not name names…..although I should, Because if I was the owner I would want to know. Then again, maybe they do and don’t care.

In 2010 My husband and I moved back to city life after living for 5 years in the “deep” country, Now…..having deer in your backyard, awwwww with 2 babies in tow “double awwwww” was great! and raising Chickens and  Ducks…..And not so sure about the “Geese” Was pretty cool too! We got to hear Roosters crowing in the morning, and Owls and Coyotes at night, as well as see a HUGE array of different birds in EVERY color! (one of our favorite things!)  A HUGE negative? TICKS! I had great plans of long walks in the woods, and some more romantic excursions…..forget that! they “totally” inhabit the woods! The only walking times we had were in the winter, Which brings me to another “forget that!” Springtime Cottonmouths! they say they are not aggressive, but I know of more than one person in my family that has been Chased by them! and Copperheads, of which my brother was bitten two years ago.

Now of all those another thing, after moving from Michigan near Detroit, To Bethel Springs Tennessee, is the internet.  I KNOW people can get by without it,  Golly, we used to not even have ” AEROPLANES!”   But if you had to go back to Dial-UP after living with high speed?  My Fastest speed in the country? 2 KB a second. and   “NO” I didn’t make a mistake. My current internet speed?  50 MB a second.  For someone who does not know the Gradation? it takes 1000 KB to make a MB and 1000 MB to make a Gigabyte.and the rate is how much information you can access a second (or download) so if you wanted a song that was 2 MB on dialup? it would take me about 5 hours or more sometimes, …..because it also meant you could not use your phone AND be on the internet at the same time.

So you say….SATELLITE Internet! I say NOOOOOO, they wanted me to pay 100 a month for the service AND the cost of the dish (separate from satellite TV) was 500 dollars.

So I got Cable when we moved Back to the city (still TN). Now I was thrilled to have fast internet back, and I could even BUNDLE again!! YAYYYYyyyyyyy……..  Now….comes the trouble.

When your internet and phone cut out two to three times a day, and you call some one to fix it and they have come out at LEAST 10 times, and its STILL happens?? They also Promised  that with a contract we could KEEP the price the same as long as we kept them as a provider, then one year later broke that promise, AND raised the price….twice….. and STILL didn’t fix the problem……“Last call”, I asked for a better bundle price, and was told I had the best one they could offer with out a HUGE decrease in channels and internet speed……OK, can you fix our connection problem? Yes, We will send a MANAGER to fix your problem. They may have sent a manager, but they didnt fix the problem. it happened an hour after he left.

Today, I got new service. Its Faster, I have all the same stuff I had Before, AND its 30 dollars cheaper a month!  When I called  to Cancel the cable service……OHHHHHH NOW you can give me a lower price? NOW you will make sure the problem is fixed? NOW? I am not angry, just disappointed, What do our elderly with fixed incomes have to go through? you know? They CAN offer lower prices, they just wont…..”THE MAN/WOMAN” wants to get rich quick. That’s what its all about anymore…..and for the record NO I don’t have Satellite either, THEY too are a JOKE!    $200.00 a month…..JUST for the TV?????? I’ll pass.

How does your Service treat YOU?    They forget  “WE The People” are what makes “THEM The COMPANY” with out us?     They can’t exist.

FOR your Enjoyment! Here was the Goose that “didn’t” like ME!

New Breed Of Goose Velocifrican

Digital Art is another one of my Creative Loves!! can you Tell?? 😉


About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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2 Responses to WAIT……Dont Leave US!

  1. Step-Mama says:

    It’s sad, but we’ve had that same problem in Texas. I was told that we wouldn’t be increased after a year and my bill went up nearly $45.00! Now to many that doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up and it seems to be adding up faster these days!

    Thanks for the post and I LOVE the Dino Goose! 🙂

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Thanks for stopping in Step-Mama! These days it feels as if the cost of things keeps going up, and yet the wage that people make has been frozen. My husband has not gotten a raise in pay in 8 years…..now I KNOW that a lot of things have gone UP in price. I dont know what will happen in the next 8 years….. The “GOOSE”….OHHHHH the Goose! we got the pair as Babies a male and female, My Granddaughter promptly named them Mama goose and Papa goose. Mama goose stayed pretty nice, I could pick her up and pet her…..Papa goose? HA! not so much….He attacked me EVERY chance he got, I carried an umbrella to protect myself….I went through about 5 before we found them good homes when we had to move. SO, lol, he EARNED that Head!! 😉

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