Holidays Bring EVERY Emotion….

This is it folks! The time of year that brings on Depression, Excitement, Relaxation (stolen moments anyway), Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Disappointment, Pride, Memories, Sadness……I could go on if I could account for every human emotion there is, but You get the point. I have been feeling Overwhelmed (there’s one I missed!) with the things I “want” to make, shopping?  Not so much. I think some people get it all wrong…  IS the thought that counts……not the Things. I read this (or maybe I heard it on TV…)   “Its Not Whats Under The Tree,  But Who’s Around It That Matters.” 

Our Children do not buy us gifts….and we no longer buy our children gifts, and to some…. that seems wrong, but all that really is,  = I will give you 5 dollars, and you can give me 5 dollars”. Is that not true? What if your kids bought you round trip tickets around the world! WOW COOL! and you bought them a bottle of wine….and some cheese……Now THAT is what can,  and often does happen at Christmas, and that can cause “Embarrassment!” (another one I missed!)

That’s not to say that My husband and I don’t buy for our Grand-babies, But that is who “Santa” is really for anyway.  There is enough stress in the world, without going to Walmart to get Trampled, or  Khol’s to get Shot at……For what?  If you got killed, what kind of gift is THAT to give your loved ones? Especially during the time of year already filled with tension (there’s another one I missed!)

I will say that it is fun sometimes to exchange gifts, but it seems silly in a world where everyone gets what they want the same day they decided they wanted it. Dave and I don’t buy gifts for any occasion, nor do we wait to celebrate each other, we do that every day! Thanks to my Mantra (this could be our last day together). and even we take that for granted once in a while…..everyone does……everyone EXPECTS to sleep in their bed at night, and everyone EXPECTS to wake up each day……. If you do?  “THAT” is the best Gift in life! It CANNOT POSSIBLY get any better than that!

So My Advice to anyone who is listening…..remember, People Love YOU, not what you give them, And….If perhaps that IS why they love you…..Well, I will leave that one for you to mull over…. 😉    I hope that your Holiday Season is filled with Love from any direction it can Possibly come from!! I am sending some from Us to You, because I know that somewhere, somehow, WE are related!!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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