Look at the FAT Lady!

I hear kids say it, I might have even said it as a child. We do not know the struggles of even one individual, we can “TRY” to know, But not ever “TRULY” know. My own Struggle with my weight has gotten so hard lately, I have considered Adderol, Being anorexic, using a lot of laxatives? going on an all boost? or similar diet.  Seriously….I BARELY eat now….and if I just eat a few bites of some LEAN ham…I bloat like I’m going to heaven  AS a hot air balloon!! I know its not even fair to judge the judge’s , But when they think its because we are just pigs, or lazy…..makes me sad.  I don’t think I even know ONE heavy person who is so super happy to BE heavy! really? I mean I know some that accept it because Losing sometimes seems impossible, but I would Guess they would rather be a normal weight for their height….. And never mind if they are sick…..and taking Steroid medicine does Wonders for my weight! but I cant breath sometimes without it…..Oh well! NEW TOPIC!!(I WILL get this figured out I promise! I don’t do Stupid 😉 )


I am making Home made Christmas Cards ! mostly watercolor, a few are stamped and watercolored in! some are just drawn so far but WILL be colored in! I used 11×15 Canson 140 pound watercolor paper, cut it to 7 x 10 (makes 2) then score the 10 in half = 5 inch, so 5×7 inch cards!   here are some shots!


I also finished a painting for my Daughter, who so loved “The Walk”, Hers is named “Bufford Blue” After Forrest Gump’s Best Friend, Benjamin Bufford Blue (Bubba).


I actually had someone think I get my ideas? from someone else? I Did mention that this one and “The Walk” were Inspired by Bob Ross and his Famous “Gesso” painting, But I really don’t “try? to copy anyone…I have so much in my head, I suppose It could be Inspired by something I saw? or have seen.    And if someone is so Inspired by ME??? Then Steal it! I would be Honored to have someone think MY stuff is good enough to steal!! YES! But I wont apologize for being an artist! Simple as that.

I am even taking up some Knitting….with a loom anyway. I want a scarf…..But I want to make it….ME…..don’t know why, don’t care…..and I’m sure it will turn out AWESOME! look for updates on that as well! The SET of looms was only $11.00 U.S. at Walmart! not too bad!

And on one other note? I got a new thermostat, Our heater went out even though the power did NOT!  I Used the electric oven and fans until morning, and we have a service called “Home Choice Warranty” that we pay $41.00 U.S. a month for, but they will fix pretty much anything that breaks down (even ceiling fans!) and if they cant fix it THEY replace it! Yes for a $45.00 service call.Even if it costs $5000.00.  And now I have a Digital Thermostat! so much nicer than the old fashioned ones!! Loving it! We are taking BACK the Kerosene heater and getting a smaller one ….there should be plenty now that the scare is gone!

Well Friends, I need to get back to getting things done, and its gettin late. I hope everyone is warm, and most importantly? Happy! You have it ALL if your Happy!


About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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8 Responses to Look at the FAT Lady!

  1. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Hugs Give yourself the love and understanding you would give others.
    I love your cards! They are wonderful! I love watercolor paintings. But watercolor is very hard for me. I will put a genuine effort in learning it in the future. But for now it is just too hard. LOL I have so much else I am enjoying to take that step.
    You smile and have a happy day! Hugs

    • dhowell9000 says:

      I am really trying Shirley, but I keep gaining weight and I don’t even know how….its getting hard to move lately…..
      Watercolor is actually VERY easy!, If you have time , go to You Tube and look up the Frugal Crafter! she is AWESOME! she shows you how to do it in very simple ways!! I LOVED making the Cards, it was something different for me anyway! better than buying them!!

  2. if you would like some help uncovering the emotional issues that are causing the weight gain, I would be happy to do a free mini coaching session with you…blessings!

    • dhowell9000 says:

      No emotional issues, Just way too may health issues….which I guess stem from possible emotion? I have been diagnosed with….: asthma, copd, hashimotos thyroiditis, Pernicious anemia, Ibs, degenerating disc disease, cold Urticaria, stress incontinence, insomnia, esophageal spasms, and there are more but you get the picture, I also quit smoking two years ago, and I’m sure that didn’t help with the weight gain, but I will never go back to the smoking, my copd is advancing as it is. Thanks so much for the offer though, I truly am at peace with life, and am not afraid to die, I feel as if I will MISS life, although I’m sure that is not the case…..;)

      • Yes, most definitely…all dis-ease starts in the energetic bodies…you are most likely an empath, taking on the pain of others. There are many wonderful, non-invasive techniques that could assist once some of the old layers are released. Blessings for the new year.

      • dhowell9000 says:

        Oh, yes. I already know I am an Empath, and I’m not sure but possibly Psychic too. I have been open since I was 7. I don’t “advertise” as it usually scares people, or they get angry. but I never really knew to protect myself until recently…..Now I have a LOT of healing to do….filling up art journals like CRAZY!!


      • l look forward to your art! love and light, FE

      • I wrote a long response but I think it disappeared…yes, releasing old layers of hurt, grief, and perhaps retaining other peoples’ pain inside your self can definitely cause many diseases and discomforts. There are many noninvasive techniques to help with this. Understanding the energetic source of the issues can often bring healing. Buried hurts are often a cause. For me, it is important to understand the purpose behind my living so that I fulfill it, and the suffering has validity and becomes a blessing to others and myself. Thank yo for sharing your pain.

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