Raw and True Just For You!

Hi and Hello! I have been seeing ads for how to make money with your blog, how to blog as a business, How to create your blogging empire…….

I just want to blog to connect with fellow souls, to share MY story so maybe someone out there doesn’t feel alone, so they know that there are others who go through some pretty tough shit? and have still got back up and moved on! If somehow I make money? well we all need money, but I can tell you this? I wont kiss ass, or change my style, or make it sound good just to make a buck. I wouldn’t sign contracts and be owned, not even for millions….My soul is priceless, and Its not for sale, but I WILL share what I go through, and what I feel, and give advice to the best of my ability when and where ever I can. Money or no money? Here? its all REAL.

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday and it was at 12 noon…at 1 pm I went to the counter and asked the receptionist how much longer, because my husband needed the car for work at 2 pm….she said there were still 5 people ahead of me…..so I told her (even though I already paid 100 dollars) that I would like an appointment for Friday to be able to SEE the doctor before 2 pm so my Husband Could have the car for work….so she made it for 10 am on Friday. Irritated….I woke up late but the doctor is practically next door so I got there at 10 minuets after 10 am, but I wrote that I got there at 10. Do you know…..That I sat in the lobby until 11:37, and then sat in the Exam room until 1:04 pm. The doctor looked at me when he came in and seemed like he didn’t know WHO I was……so I feel like I am officially a “number” again. he spent 5 minuets in the room, and was gone, I doubt he really heard my concerns, and here he is making $1200.00 and hour….This made me really sad. I have too many health issues to be JUST a number.  If a doctor is reading this can you tell me “why”? I don’t understand. and then when I got to the pharmacy they had 3 different dosages for my thyroid…..they asked me which one was right……*sigh* and they wonder why we need “antidepressants”.

I was tempted, and it has crossed my mind to use illegal drugs to lose weight, but for me? it would probably kill me. I cant take the chance, and whose to say the “dealer” wouldn’t cheat and put Drano in something…..you know? Nothing much else went on the last few days. I have been walking on my treadmill an hour a day, NO incline because of my back. I got Alli to try and block any fat, but to be honest? I can go 2 days without eating…..THAT is my problem, not OVER eating. and I eat Raw veggies and fruit with skins on when I do eat……we will just have to keep trying….and hope for the best! I will post again soon, I got all my boxes to mail the books so I will start selling them on ebay or etsy, Keep your eyes peeled! 😉  Peace Out !

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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5 Responses to Raw and True Just For You!

  1. Dawn, you need to eat a balanced diet, because a non-balanced diet makes your body do weird things…reacting to the lack of certain vitamins and other nutrients that make your body work properly. Quite frankly…you need a new Dr. Mine is seldom more than a few minuets late and spends15 – 20 min with me each time. Some times more never rushing me. He listens to everything I have to say and ask lots of questions. Please see if you can find a better Dr. Sending hugs.

  2. dhowell9000 says:

    I agree Shirley! I made a lot of decisions over the weekend, and got an alarm clock to let me know to eat EVERY 2 hours, and I made a few other purchases that will help with me getting back to where I should be….I feel amazingly better and more wide awake today, because I have been eating something every two hours i think? I also raised the dose a bit on my thyroid…..I feel so energetic……And….YES, that is awful that this happened with my doctor….he WAS a better doctor, but he got a new license specialty of kidneys….and his service went to crap! I am in the process of finding a D.O. that is also an endocrinologist!

  3. Oh dear I thought it was bad if you waited 30 minutes at the doctors :/. Waits of 3-4 hours are usual at hospital,.

    • dhowell9000 says:

      And to top it off….two days in a row? Time to find a new doctor. Which is entirely sad, because at this point I NEED one who knows my illnesses…I have too many to keep changing doctors, but when your doctor orders 3 different dosages of the same medicine, and the pharmacy has to ask me which one to fill? I don’t think he IS the right one for me.

      • Sometimes changing someone like a doctor seems awful but a new doctor could be so much better and more responsive and knowledgeable about your condition. Good luck finding someone suitable.

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