Riding Horseback Across Open Feilds….

My Day SEVEN of Blog Along With Effy!

I Just read Effy Wild’s Blog for tonight…trying to remember what day I myself am on….Its sad to me that people have to compare…..its like saying  “HEY! MY DAD IS A BETTER DAD THEN YOURS!”  Lets Just agree that we all have a Dad AND a Mom out there somewhere…..The rest? It is what it is. Live and Let I say!

If you follow me at all you know that I have many health Issues/illnesses, and I don’t get out much, which is OK I suppose, We really cant afford to get out much, and I am Happiest right here in my own little corner, not bothering or being bothered. I have My furry Kids by my side at every moment. I create my art or Watch YouTube stuff, Like tutorials, or Vlogs! (MAN you people INSPIRE Me!!) But…When Hubby has a day off? well then WE Ride! NO not for real…..We play MMORPG  games.. (Massive Multi-player Online Role  Playing Game) and tonight…we both entered the Battlegrounds which were MASSIVE compared to any we have ever been in….If you have Ever watched Brave-heart? Yeah! its just like that pretty much! catapults, and bow and arrows, swords, all of it! Its a good way to take out frustrations yeah?!

Anyway…..When we first entered Cyrodiil, We Just Rode our horses….for about an hour (REAL Time! and it TRULY sounds like real horses…when you ride on grass its muffled and when you ride on stone It SOUNDS like stone! Ohhh I love the sound!) riding across the most beautiful landscape….seeing mountains in the distance….It was so pretty…flowers blooming everywhere….Dave was stopping to collect Mushrooms to make health elixirs with…I would help if I saw some too…He makes Armour as well, while I do the cooking, Yes You cook in the game, and the food? makes you a stronger person for at least 30 minuets! I am a Sorcerer and he is a Templar.  I realized tonight, that even the trees look so real….birch trees and no square stuff! Some day soon? The handicapped will travel Farther, and more often then The Able! ( You can get lost much longer than is healthy, and yes we have! I think our record? is 15 hours? but that was quite some time ago, we cant sit that long anymore!)

1 2 cooking Horseback

I didn’t finish any art today, but I did color in some backgrounds so they are ready when I get bit by the Thunk Bug again! I also actually shed a tear when I watched this Amazing short YouTube Clip,  Via My Friend Shirley Douglass!

The rest? It was a fantastic Day today, I played with the Furries, and did some chores, Dinner was Subs ordered from Marco’s Pizza I had Steak and Mushroom, Dave had Chicken Tuscano. Nothing spectacular….but every life is Spectacular ….yeah?! I often have looked at a house and wondered what the family was like that lived there……….

Boy have I Rambled or WHAT?! LOL! I have a VERY busy Mind….perhaps I need a Mind Leash! whewwww! I will be back tomorrow, I don’t know with what story, but there is ALWAYS a Story! 😉

Stay Safe, and Happy Friday!




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50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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2 Responses to Riding Horseback Across Open Feilds….

  1. Isn’t that video great! Anyway, I was going to do the blog along with Effy, but I didn’t start and now it is day 12 and I have only blogged one time. Hmmm I still think it is a good idea. Maybe I will get myself started. Maybe.

    • dhowell9000 says:

      I Have decided to do it, even though I started late Myself. It can be a bit pressing? but it makes me “show up” and when I show up for blogging? I show up for art more often then not! So it a self challenge, I dont work, so why not….it keeps my mind healthy? too!
      I will be reading every one if you do decide to!! I read everyone’s that participates!!

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