Dont Keep Your Shinies….

Blog Number 13 of 30 for Effy Wild’s Blog along.

Are you tired of me yet? 😉  Well after 30, its back to once a week!

One I did This Past Fall, I Love Whimsey!

One I did This Past Fall, I Love Whimsey!

Today you get some REAL!

1. I just got done Mowing the front and back Yard (push mower) ….It makes me have to run in and use my Nebulizer (copd) and my legs and feet and sometimes hands start cramping and curling like Sun Dried Rawhide! BUT I absolutely LOVE it. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, I love the satisfaction of how it looks, (like a new haircut!) and it lets my mind wander and ponder, and well, who couldn’t use the exercise?  Here in Tennessee, I think most of the older crowd looks at me like I’m crazy,  “Mowing is a mans job” but I don’t worry about what others think, and My Dave is truly allergic to grass so it suits us both.

2. I Hate cooking daily meals…its so boring for me, and I don’t know why…..I would rather have broth every day….Now every once in a great while? I get a craving for something and then its all out! and I really cook good….I just do NOT like it.

3. I am more of a dog person than cat, I love my cats….But I DIG my Dogs!

4. I have a love hate relationship with all craft stores……they are my Demise!

5. I have coffee for blood! Ha! I LOVE having coffee every day! YUM! its like a best friend all warm and comforting!

OK enough of that stuff….I want to say something….while I was mowing my grass, I kept thinking how people love movie stars and get start struck in the presence OF….But there is one thing you don’t realize…..YOU are just as important as they are. You are just as shiny, and special, and sexy, and sensual, and wild…..You just have to look at your inside instead of you mirror.

I was at work once….and I had gotten some of my workers a raise, now….they made more than me when I did that, so I took my happy ass up to the “owner” of the company and told him it was my turn….People thought I was nuts! why? he is NO better than ME. I am a STELLAR employee….I work hard…if he fires me? than its HIS loss….

I know there are life circumstances that don’t always allow for that (I was not in any position to get fired either as a Single Working Mom of 3) But we have to learn to NOT settle. Keep reaching! maybe not today, maybe not next week, but we CAN get right where we want to….It really IS our story! I stopped caring so much about What IF, and started Loving What IS. As Humans we tend to be all Drama….getting sad and mad and scared and upset….truth is? own it…Love it….I did a Journal entry that had a sign saying ATTENTION: Shit Could Be Worse. (your not dead)  How right that is. When You get your heart broke? Or have a Bad Day? Just think….somewhere….someone had a baby that died on its first day….That Baby didn’t get to have ANY of the emotions and Drama that WE get to have every day! We keep thinking the world is gonna end…..well one day it will…..for each one of us! So make today the Best of whatever it is….. Don’t keep Your Shiny Stuff to yourself! You have SOMETHING special to share….don’t hide it! You got to come this far to SHARE it!     I Shared in yesterdays post that I am getting a Piece of my art published….I put it out there…I didn’t care if they wanted it or not…..but its always worth a shot! ALWAYS!

This is my 114th post….I am very proud that I have come this far! and I hope that I am here for another 114!

Tomorrow is Friday folks! I’m thinking of Deviled Eggs…..Yum!  Be Back Tomorrow!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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6 Responses to Dont Keep Your Shinies….

  1. BubbleArt says:

    Love how you keep it real!

  2. I love that statement…. wears the soul to tears……. its got a sort of sad and humorous edge….I dont know how to spell humorous!!!!! However, I am always amazed when someone bares their soul like this…. i find it totally fascinating…..oh and i soooo resonate with your coffee and craft store take……..!!!! Just thought I’d tell you 😀

    • dhowell9000 says:

      I am so glad we have this opportunity to be friends! At least I feel like we are kindred spirits somehow! My whole purpose is to bare my vulnerable side, I am amazed at the bravery some are finding with this blogging endeavor! It makes my spirit feel welcome in a way that it never has before. So many souls feel like they fight battles that no one can relate to, when most of us have actually fought very similar battles, we are in this together! When I have coffee in the morning? I will be thinking of you! Thanks for visiting with me Shiva!

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