April Showers….and Tornados….

Blog 21 of 30 with Effy Wild! 9 more days now….If there’s nothing said I will take that as a nay and not do another 30 back to back days with Effy when she starts Over In May. I Love that everyday reading…but my inbox BOOMS when its that time of year, so I completely understand If Your wore out!!

Today was one of those “sleep in” Days, and it looks like most of this week will be a draggy one With all the rain and thunderstorms…..don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms and rain, but my asthma acts up and so does my arthritis.  I saw a new Doctor last week, Who Happens to be the ONLY Endocrinologist in Jackson Tn. which is not the best thing….But BUT!! He did feel my throat and say that the left side of my thyroid feels swollen….so I’m going for an Ultrasound on May 2nd, and then back to the doctors on May 8th….I KNEW it wasn’t my imagination ! And it also turns out that I was taking Hydroclorothyazide supposedly to reduce water retention and its for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, my normal blood pressure is 96 over 60….WTF? and my old doctor was also prescribing me  simvastatin (zocor) when the cardiologist said I have the heart of a 16 year old….so is he trying to make me sicker so he can make more money?  I will update with results…..

I snapped a few thunderclouds this morning as the storms approached….They were Ominous but Beautiful too…


I really liked how the Tree looked, that was just a break in the clouds…..fantastic! I feel awful for the folks in Arkansas, I cant even imagine having that happen.I didn’t do any art today, I feel like I need a good rest! I was Bad today again….They have the Spectrum Noirs on sale 50% off at Joann’s online with a coupon for $1.99 shipping….for a 24 piece set of the new “lights” set.  OMG……YES I did it…..I do so many ” face arts” and there are many skin tones in that one!  we really couldn’t afford it, but all I could think? was when will I see them HALF off and shipping for ONLY $1.99? probably not for a LONG time! it was $24.99 for the set….Not Bad? Right? for 24 refillable alcohol markers? It would cost me $192.00 for that many Copic markers….and even half off? would be $81.00. But it still was not a NEED…only a WANT…. *sigh. OH…AND…..and I was IN the store to leave the “finished” T-shirt? and they had some journal/Smash/photo albums on sale….70% off! ( only 2.99 each) I grabbed TWO! There is another Person I have in mind for a homemade Journal with my art in it…..I will contact you shortly!! WOO!

Not much else happened today, I did get the freezer paper for the T-Shirts, that should help a bunch! Now to figure out something for templates for the kids, that wont mess up the t shirts……..

So this is the end of Monday…Quiet and cloudy….rainy and windy…..I am retiring early tonight…..I hope I sleep sound tonight….I want the window open? but if it storms it will come right in….I wonder how much an awning would be for that window? something to think about….  Have A Peaceful Tuesday, I will return tomorrow evening, hopefully with Art and a new painted T- Shirt ! perhaps It would be fun to do some giveaways? art? journals? Painted T-shirts? something “else” to think about!!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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2 Responses to April Showers….and Tornados….

  1. Raine says:

    You have the heart of a 16 year old? She’s gonna want that back some day!!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the cheesy joke.)
    I know how you feel about the rainy days and pain. I love rain (ya think?!?!) but it does make for more painful days.
    I hope the new doc can fix you up!

    • dhowell9000 says:

      HA! Fat chance! I’m keeping this 16 year old’s Heart! ILoveYour name….wanted my Grand daughters name to be Autumn or Summer Raine…..I got Alexis instead! LOL! Yeah….back and hips are still hollarin! Thanks for the visit! I enjoy your company!

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