Heres To You!

Wow….This has been one hell of a day……I have many who are “with” me on Facebook, and they now know How my day went, For those of you who only follow me here, I announce my “Newest” Disease! Type 2 Diabetes.

I was not expecting to hear that….at all, but I should have known. I was Playing a game with My Hubby last week…we had just finished dinner….and I fell asleep? while I was pushing my keys on the keyboard….My character started swimming out to sea!!

Also My Thyroglobulin Antibodies are WAY too high, normal is 38 or below….mine was over 1000….And that is a direct result of Hashimotos Disease. My Vitamin D in my body was gone….so he wrote a script for 50,000 UI once a week, and For My Diabetes? I got  Bydureon….I HOPE that it really is discounted…it seems to be $527.00 cash….I have no clue if that is for 4 (once a week is the way its used) or for EACH dose….if anyone knows? Please let me know? I have Insurance…but Have NO clue how much they will cover…..if at all? I also was given Baclofen to replace my Xanax, As Long as my Throat starts feeling better? I’ll be good as gold!! and my dose of Levothyroxin went up. Soon It will be easier to tell you what diseases I DON’T have. 

    NOW! Better, Brighter News! I was Off to purchase more catfood…Our Feline children are so very picky…they must have only “Fancy Feast” or better….and ONLY the Seafood types, and ONLY classic (no flaky stuff or chunky stuff, only the “mushy” kind!). Now….I WOULD have gone to Kroger….where they have MUCH less Pet WOW stuff….BUT since all I needed was Canned Cat food for the ever Hungry Max…..PetSmart it was……OH my…….I came home with a bit more than “catfood”……..MEET…..Galileo:



His FANTASTIC Blue eyes…..I absolutely could NOT walk past him….He is Very Vocal, and is already Neutered and shots up to date, and even though he looks “fancy” or whatever? He actually IS a “Barn Cat  Rescue”! My Husband shook his head…..he had already said NO more….so I told him later than I would let a “family member? or Friend” pay us the 50 dollar adoption fee, I just HAD to know where he was going! (giggle) and he said…..but *your already attached! Do I need to say how much he ALSO fell in love with this one!???! So Now we have 6 Furry kids…..for now! Oliver is starting to show a little more deterioration…I just found that his left leg is swollen kind of a lot…..I “know” he has Cancer……there are way too many signs…He is due for his shots now….and even though they will offer me a bunch of alternatives….or ways to make him live longer, I chose to let him live Happily as long as he is able….and when he is no longer able? I will take him in for the “shot”. If anyone questions my motives…Yes, I am doing or would do the same for Me….No fancy Life Raft….When its my time…..its my time!

   I Also Received a Beautiful!! Piece of art From a Friend and Fellow Blogger! Thank-you So Much Dear Wendy Juhl ! Her Blog is:   I will post Photos in my next post, as well as my challenge from my Niece this week which was/is  “Soldier of  Misfortune + Who Let The Dogs Out!”    I can see it in my head… to bring it to life!!

   I will depart now…..completely worn out, But I wanted to Give a Very WARM Thank-You, to all the ones who sent such Heart Warming Wishes, Hugs, and Universal Love in my Direction, You have no Idea how you changed a crummy day into a Great one!

So HERE’S To YOU! Raise a Cup Of Love (_)?  And Connection to all those you CAN connect with!! It DOES make a Difference!!

Have a Safe and Happy Weekend!!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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5 Responses to Heres To You!

  1. I saw your post in face book? Sorry you have had such a hard day. Knowing what you have, can now make it possible to treat it, and with treatment hopefully you will feel better soon! Hugs and best wishes for restored health!

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Thanks Jackie! Its been an Interesting few days! and I am starting to understand that my life? Is One hell of a ride! It never gets Boring! that’s for sure!! I think things are looking better already!! Thanks for the well wishes! very appreciated! 😉

  2. Raine says:

    Sorry for your health issues. I know it sucks! But I think Galileo is absolutely adorable! I loved the video you posted of him watching the fish on your monitor. We take the bad with the good…it’s supposed to balance somehow. Keep the faith, baby! We’ve got your back!

    • dhowell9000 says:

      Yes Raine….balanced is a good word! As for Galileo? OH…..Boy… he a HANDFUL….I had NO Idea. he does NOT take no for an answer…He MUST be cuddled….MOST of the time….I am seriously considering a pouch to carry him in….otherwise I will Never get anything done!! But soooooo Loving! And Vocal! He also must sleep between my Husband and my Pillows, Occasionally reaching out a paw to touch you to make sure you didn’t leave….Hilarious….I could probably make him into a BOOK!
      And I am so happy You all have been Here for me….You have seriously made it all easier to transition, and accept, You just have no Idea!! Thanks for that!!

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