Pharmacy Retail Phun Phacts!

So I work in a “pharmacy” retail store……I haven’t been there overly long? but I have definitely noticed that Purchasing patterns “happen”….when you have to “face” a store at the end of the night?   and you have an artisty mind? ….Yeah… notice everything! (facing a store means to touch everything by facing it forward, and/or making it touch the front of the shelf….it reminds me of the movie “Sleeping With The Enemy” with Julia Roberts)

Sooooo Around fall, when it first started getting cold? I noticed that condoms became very popular….as well as Lubricant, and all that good stuff! I also noticed that the moon must have something to do with women’s menstrual flow….as all the Tampons, and pads sell a LOT in the same week! Then came Thanksgiving… which the day after became popular for Pepto Bismol, with Preparation H following 2 days past that one……I know….stranger things right??….. 😉

Next? Close to Christmas I noticed we sold more Pregnancy Tests…..(about the right time frame from all the condom sales?!)Now we are at New Years Day……. We sold a LOT of hair dye….I would suppose that many women want to change? or set new goals? and that means a difference in appearance….but don’t be fooled!! MEN are just as self conscious! I see it every day!! I think if they made make up for men? It would sell! Just Sayin!

Today? I noticed that there seem to be many in a bad mood? there were many items, tossed into unusual places….(IE: Preparation H tossed on top of baby formula) and there were many more unusual combinations, as well as things knocked over, scooted backward, moved down or up a shelf…. I know that I have picked things up and set them down elsewhere before I hit the register….I will “Never”… that again! Public Apology Here Retail Folks!! Retail pays very little, If my husband didn’t work, I could not pay the bills….So no……they “don’t” get paid to do half the stuff they do…..I have to clean the bathrooms at night…..Janitors get paid more than me….I’m sure of it! never thought that a “cashier” would be doing what I’m doing…..but? I still like the people I work with for the most part….and even a little money is better than none.

I also have my Regular customers…..WE LOVE YOUR FRIENDLINESS!! Just really want you to know? that YOU are the reason we “like” our jobs at ALL! Sure we all need the money honey, but when you come in, and let us know that you loved something we suggested? or that you found something we talked about and you clue us in…..or you smile and ask how were doing? It makes MY day, I tell my Husband or friend or sister, about my day? You BET your in my story! Thanks for that by the way!!

I am VERY happy to be part time now, Instead of full time, I don’t like the 40 hour week, and it really hurts my feet-back-knees ect… I have a new respect for all you full timers out there! And Appreciate my husband even More!

and Last but not Least? I LOVE this part……The Holiday Clearance… 90% off……plus my discount?? makes an item for $19.99….$1.75! Now THAT is an awesome buy!! I got  10 boxes of 300 Icicle lights for 13.00…….TOTAL….not each….you cant beat that.

Well That’s all for my Phunday! I have 3 days off to make some art, and spend time with my hubby before my next work day! How was Your day? Hope it was Special!

About dhowell9000

50 years old, Happily Married to my soul mate, raised 5 children, have 6 grandchildren, Have 3 dogs and 3 cats (rescued all) Work Part time in a drugstore, and make Creative Stuff of all kinds in my Free Time
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