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As The World Turns…..

I would like to direct you to your connection to me…..Please watch this short Trailer….. Earth, we just expect it to keep being the same, even as we change it every day. In my 49 years….I have not seen … Continue reading

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This also was from following “True Detective” on HBO.

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Following “True Detective” I felt the need to express.

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The Post that I re-blogged had a sentence that kind of stuck with me….this one…..”Savoring a warm cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee, drinking each sip mindfully“. What does “mindfully” mean? = Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, … Continue reading

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Never Underestimate the Healing Powers of……

Originally posted on My Meditation Challenge:
Life can throw curve balls at us, some days are tougher than others. We are all in need of healing as long as we are living in these bodies, in this world. I thought…

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So, Its been a while……

I have been trying to RE-Invent my eating habits? You see, I have NO appetite…none….I can and have gone two days without eating…..just because I am not hungry. This is not a very good thing but I have some diseases … Continue reading

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I Believe…..

I Believe we are all here for a purpose, mostly? To play our part in “THE” story, a story that will live on long after we are gone, and that was created long before we were born. And to realize, … Continue reading

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